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As my graduating work for the Enmore Design Centre, the range was shown in the 2010 Inseparable Companion exhibition. The materials used for this work are 925 silver and stainless steel.

Based on The Steppenwolf  by Hermann Hesse I draw resemblances between the lead character's process of self realisation and examples of crystallographic growth features. The three main pieces are in the form of bangles: Fracture (bottom left), Twinning (top left) and Resorbed (bottom right). As a trilogy they narrate the idea of human soul evolution. At first a dual nature is recognised within ourselves to thus fracture the ego and finally result in the recognition of oneself as a fragment within a continually repeating whole. The 'inanimate' crystalline reference to living organisms further illustrates the repetitious nature of the universe as it can be viewed that all is comprised of the same base structure despite an infinite variety of forms.

The limited series that accompanies the three concept pieces is comprised of rings, earrings and pins. The cube as the basis for the rings functionality defies traditional perception of wearability. However, when the finger is inserted through the spaces of the frame, the piece sits comfortably at odd angles off the body.