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the invisible man

This work was created for the 2009 exhibition, The Final Frontier hosted by Gaffa Gallery. Black cold enamel and 925 silver are the materials used for this limited series.

Inspired by The Invisible Man (1933) the concept is a narrative that depicts the process from introverted to extroverted self perception. When Claude Rains' character turns himself 'invisible', he then begins to recognise that this is in fact a source of power rather than a justification for further seclusion.

This then leads to explorations of the individual as distinct from the mass. Whilst there is the idea of antagonism directed to those who are different, it also suggests the potential to develop a lack of social conscience when norms cease to be relevant. 

As a visual reference I have used the square framed sunglasses worn by the Invisible Man and taken the colour palette of the silver screen. You can see the transformation of the black as it moves from the inside to the outside of each piece in the series, from hidden to boldly exposed.